1Body Massage

You only have 1Body.

The services at 1Body Massage are the perfect compliment to CrossFit training. Research has shown that massage reduces muscle tension, promotes relaxation, increases range of motion and improves soft tissue function.


  • 30 minutes: $40 (package of three $90)
  • 60 minutes: $75 (package of three $180)
  • 90 minutes: $100 (package of three $270)

Massage add ons

  • Laser 10 minutes: $20
  • RockTape: $10 per body part
  • Aromatherapy: $10
  • Custom oils to treat specific issues: $10

1Body also offers Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

It’s amazing at reducing inflammation and accelerating your body’s own natural healing prices. It’s effective in treating chronic conditions, acute injuries and post surgical pain. It’s proven effective on scarring, tears and a wide variety of inflammatory conditions. Laser therapy is relaxing and completely pain free.


30 minutes: $45

Bronwyn Lyman is the therapist at 1Body. Trained at National Massage Institute, Bronwyn is dedicated to healing her clients. She has a passion for soft tissue therapy and is dedicated to getting to the root of chronic conditions through laser therapy and massage. Bronwyn is also great if you are simply looking for a relaxing experience.

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You only have 1Body

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