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Five Reasons to LOVE the GOLDbergs
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Five Reasons to LOVE the GOLDbergs

Athlete of the month: February

February is for lovers! It would be easy to be jealous of our members of the month if they weren’t so awesome. Crushing every sport they touch, Erik and Kristin Goldberg are some of the fittest people we know. Their fitness is not something they make time for, it’s something they will not live without.

The Goldbergs never have a bad word to say about anyone or anything. We’ve often wanted to bug their house to see if they ever talk shit, but honestly, we don’t have the heart. We’d rather just believe they are pure in thought and deed. Negativity is not an option when your hanging with Erik and Kristin. These humble individuals are awesome role models for our community.

Goldberg show up, without fail, 4-5 times a week. During riding season, Erik shows up. While coaching the girls and running road races, Kristin shows up. The harder the workout, the harder they go. Coach always praises the athletes who come in, do work, smile, wave and wish him good day. Erik and Kristin have always been easy, and they are at the top of the favorite list.

To know E & E is to love E & E. Following in their parent’s footsteps, Ellie and Emerson Goldberg love to MOVE IT MOVE IT. They play multiple sports and never say no to a kid or adult workout. Ellie and Emmie are fixtures at 1Force, and their artwork from over the years adorns our offices. We love Erik and Kristin almost as much as we love El and Em.

They. Just. Keep. Getting. Better. Nearly half a decade in, you think they would plateau, but it’s just not so. The Goldbergs keep getting fitter-faster-stronger. Do you have tickets? Cause the gun show is spectacular and not to be missed.

Congratulations Erik and Kristin for being February’s athletes of the month. The only thing better they working out with the Goldbergs is living in their neighborhood. We love you!

Meggan Ciaccia
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Meggan Ciaccia

Athlete of the month: January

This hard-working business owner mother rebuilt her body and her mind over the past three years. LITERALLY. Meggan came to the box with such pronated ankles she had trouble performing the most basic of functional movements. As she fought through the pain, Meggan made the very difficult decision to have her ankles surgically rebuilt. One at a time.

Yes, it was as awful as it sounds. Just as she recovered from the first sidelining procedure, she had another. But here’s the best part. She didn’t let either surgery sideline her training. Meggan painstakingly modified every single movement, every single WOD for not months–but YEARS– without complaint.

Meggan recently found herself stronger than she’s ever been, so she decided to take on 1-on-1Force training with the goal of someday competing in an Oly meet. She is always ready to volunteer for our community with ZERO notice and steadfast excellence. Meggan is kind, positive and above all else: CONSISTENT. Meggan is 1Force.

Strength is a gift

You give yourself.