CrossFit 1Force – 1Team Training

Hand over Hand Sled Pulls (75 ft)

50-100 ft w/rope and small sled
Accessory/Grunt Work

4 sets of:

Uneven Carry x 75 ft per side

Hand over Hand Sled Pulls x 75 ft

Sandbag over the Yoke or Barbell x 5 reps (150/100 lb)

L-sit Hold x max hold right into 20 sec amrap Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks

Rest as needed

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 rds

5 PC (205/135 lb)

10 Strict Hspu *can scale this number down if needed!

15 T2B

20 DL

75 ft Sled Push (Heavy)

Rest time=work time