A. Hang Power Snatch x 1/Hang Snatch x 1 build to a heavy set with perfect form in 12-15 mins
3 rds
12 Hang Power Snatch (95/68)
15 No Pushup Burpee box jump (20/15)
1Team Training
A. Sotts Press 4 x 5 reps *Build by feel
B. High Hang Snatch up to a moderate double in 10 mins *nothing over 75%
C. Back Walking Lunge Steps *heavy 4 x 12 steps
*after each set do 2 max effort broad jumps
6 sets of:
50m Prowler Push
Amrap C2B Pullups and Ring dips
*RDS 1,3,5 will be C2B Pullups
*RDS 2,4,6 will be Ring dips
*Both done Kipping
rest 2 mins
Hanging L-sit holds 2 mins accumulate