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“Be Safe.” As the wife of a NJ State Trooper, I’m quite familiar with those two words. When Jesse graduated from the academy, I made a silent, solemn promise to myself to never miss a chance to remind him, implore him, text him, nag him and insist that he return home to us safely.   …
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Push Up Progressions

If you know him from the box, he’s Coach Chris. If you follow him on IG, he’s @beefandasideofmeat. If you have ever seen him workout, you know he feels absolutely no pain. (Or he does, and enjoys it, which might be even worse.) Strong as an ox, super cool and beyond dedicated to 1Force, Coach …
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The Pandemic Tester

Test your fitness during the pandemic.

What Motivates You?

Ask 100 different people, and you’re likely to get 100 different answers. Ask 6 1Forcers, and you’re likely to find some commonalities in the responses. We kicked off Friday night’s ZOOM call with a discussion on what keeps us going during the tough times, the great days and all the moments in between. The discussion …
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Got Pistols?

Pistol Work Week 1 Perform these super-sets 3 rounds total (A1+A2, B1+B2= 1 round) three times during week 1. (Demo video can be found on Facebook and IG) A1 Dead Stop Step Ups- Starting with small box/stool/step.  One foot on box, one on ground, lean forward into top leg, and use TOP foot to step …
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