November is FREE

In August of 2011, we opened the doors to CrossFit 1Force. For our first 30 days, everyone trained for FREE. We gave unlimited membership to anyone to wanted it for 30 days, no questions asked. Except for one. The "question of the day" was an early tradition that...

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Six Lessons, Six Months

I GOT A REALLY BIG TEAMMan am I lucky. When I had three strokes in March during a routine surgery, my life was literally on the line. Support came from everyone, everywhere and it was overwhelming. At first, I fought it. The fact that we needed help was really...

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The In Between

In our house, we believe in second chances. Thank God for that, because most days I ask for more than five. I forever lose patience and sometimes even temper for the silly things, the serious things and all the things in between. It’s the things "in between" I write...

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Summer Fitness For Ages 11-14

Find their Force this summer! We are looking athletes ages 11-14 to crush some fitness goals! If your child plays a sport like soccer, lacrosse, basketball or field hockey, you know fitness is just as important as skill. Your friends at CrossFit 1Force put together a...

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“You are very lucky in your great misfortune.” Monday was our first follow up with Jesse’s neurosurgeon after discharge. The doctor went through all of Jesse’s brain scans with us—from the first in the ER on March 24 to the one he got just days before the...

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Strength is a gift

You give yourself.