“Be Safe.” As the wife of a NJ State Trooper, I’m quite familiar with those two words. When Jesse graduated from the academy, I made a silent, solemn promise to myself to never miss a chance to remind him, implore him, text him, nag him and insist that he return home...

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Push Up Progressions Chris can help you make push ups less of a drag. If you know him from the box, he's Coach Chris. If you follow him on IG, he's @beefandasideofmeat. If you have ever seen him workout, you know he feels absolutely no pain. (Or he does, and...

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What Motivates You?

There could be 6 people on, or 16. Zoom meetings are a therapy of sorts for 1Forcers on quarantine. Join us Monday-Friday at 7:30pm. Ask 100 different people, and you’re likely to get 100 different answers. Ask 6 1Forcers, and you’re likely to find some commonalities...

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Got Pistols?

Pistol Work Week 1 Perform these super-sets 3 rounds total (A1+A2, B1+B2= 1 round) three times during week 1. (Demo video can be found on Facebook and IG) A1 Dead Stop Step Ups- Starting with small box/stool/step.  One foot on box, one on...

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Strength is a gift

You give yourself.