Seuss Brilliance

Someone reminded me this week that all we really need to know we learned from the only Doctor who makes perfect (non)sense. Dr. Seuss.  Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. Thank you all...

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Mobile Me

You hear us preach about it, you read Shane's posts about it, we work on it each day before the WOD. But what does it really mean? MOBILITY. The true definition of mobility is the state of being in motion. When we use the phrase "compromised mobility" we mean your...

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Amazing Reads

Want to be inspired? Check out CrossFit Lisbeth, a blog written by Lisbeth Darsh, Director of Social Media for Lisbeth writes a blog that's brief, sincere, impactful and really fun to read. One of my favorite writers, she has the ability to sum up...

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Blog Stalking

It's fun to stalk other affiliate blogs and websites. There are millions of posts, videos and comments to read. One could make a full time job of going through this stuff. Coach is a CF blog junkie. Among his faves: CF Milford, CF Charlotte, CF New England and CF...

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Happy Birthday Coach

Age is just a number, right? It took me a while to believe that, but honestly now I do. If I tell my clients that it’s never too late to change their lives, then I should not fret that Coach is 12 years younger than me. And I don’t. I’m actually high fiving myself at...

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Strength is a gift

You give yourself.