September is #BYOF at 1Force. The first 50 members to email Erin@crossfit1force and copy a friend get a one month trial, complete with a 1:1 Ambassador Coach to help them learn the fundamentals of CrossFit.

For most of my adult life, exercise served a dual purpose for me—relieving stress and searching for skinny. I didn’t workout because I loved my life and myself. It was more like the complete opposite. That all changed the day my brother Kevin told me to check out his friend Steve’s gym, Crossfit Tribe. It was near my office and provided me a chance to grab a workout over my lunch break.

My WOD was a nooner: 150 wall balls for time. I was the only one there. I didn’t fear the pain because I didn’t know it was coming. By the time it hit full force, I was nearing the 50th rep. Quitting never crossed my mind. The voice in my head had no time to critique my body in a mirror—there was no mirror—just me, my ball and a wall.

I don’t remember how long the workout took me, but I do remember how long I laid on the ground after, legs shaking in complete annihilation. I looked up and said to Steve, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I saw Steve for all the tomorrows that followed, until the day we opened Crossfit 1Force. Even though it’s been nearly a decade, not a day goes by that I don’t carry the influence of my first coach and tribe.

Why do I make you all replace your hands with your feet when you burpee and keep your chin on the horizon when you deadlift? Because Steve made me. Why do I see value in ‘not for time’ workouts? Because Steve does. And why will I take one athlete with heart and drive over ten with skill and attitude? Because of Steve.

Without CrossFit, I don’t know where I’d be. I would not have found my soulmate Jesse and my sweet Cruz. And I would not be #here.

For some what we do is exercise. For others, it’s an hour of physical pain and chaos that makes the emotional pain and chaos of life bearable.

Strength is a gift We give ourselves, but nothing great ever happens alone. #BYOFto1F and change someone’s destiny. Today.