We have adjusted the Thursday class schedule : 4:30pm CrossFit , 5:30pm Weightlifting , 6:30pm Endurance.

Consistency Project- Summer Edition- Starting Mid March! Sign up on the white board in the back of the gym by Friday 3/17. Challenge to begin 3/20.

CrossFit 1Force – CrossFit Endurance

Buffalo Wild Wings (Time)

6 Rounds for Time @ High Effort (Or Not)

250/200m Row

15/10 Cal Bike

*1:1 Work:Rest*

**Score is total time, including rest*

Outback Steakhouse (2 Rounds for time)

Run 15 to 30 min in one direction @ 2/3/4 RPE then turn around and comeback to the start @ 5/6/7 RPE

*Gradually build effort going out without blowing up, build a little more and maintain coming back. The goal is to have a negative split between the out and back — how long you run depends on your own running background/feel for the day*

*Round 1 is the “out” portion and Round 2 is the “Back” portion, write distance in the comments*

Taco Bell (4 Rounds for time)

4 x 800m Run Building to a Tough Effort

*Rest 2:30 between sets*

**Aim to haveNegative splits between sets**