CrossFit 1Force – CrossFit Endurance

Dayman (No Measure)

4 x 1000m Row @ 5/6 RPE

*Rest 1:30 between sets*

**Goal: Pick an uncomfortable but sustainable pace and hit it every time**

Nightman (No Measure)

4 x 5 min Easy Run (1/2 RPE) + 1 min High Effort Run (6/7/8 RPE)

*No rest between sets. Flow from one set to another. 5 min Easy run is your recovery don’t lose control of your breathing*

Ah-ah Ahhhhhh! (No Measure)

10 to 15 min Warmup Run w/ a 20 sec pickup every 3 min

—Directly into—

8 to 10 Hill Repeats

*After your warmup run, find a hill that takes roughly 30 to 45 secs to ascend. Run up the hill at a high effort, walk back down to the start and rest an additional 1 min. Repeat 8 to 10 times*