CrossFit 1Force – CrossFit Endurance

Frog Catcher (Time)

For Time (30 min Cap)

8 Grove Loops

120/84 Cal Bike

16 Power Snatch @ 80% of current 1RM

*Break Up movements however you like*
Potential Schemes:

1. Straight Through

2. Two Rounds of 4 Grove Loops/60(42) Cals/8 Snatch

3. Four Rounds of 2 Grove Loops/30(21) Cals/4 Snatch

4. Eight Rounds of 1 Grove Loop/15(10.5) Cals/2 Snatch

5. Straight Through – but Backwards

6. Do all the snatches first. Then Break up the run and bike into 1, 2, 4 or 8 rounds

*Not including transition* – going under the cap would look like: a minimum of a 9 min/mile pace (2:15 per 400m), and 13.4/9.4 cals a minute (9 minute bike), which would leave you a tight window of 3 minutes for transition time and snatches.


Power Snatch