CrossFit 1Force – Crossfit

1-arm DB Incline Bench Press (6-8 per side)

*can use a KB as well.
A.1 1-arm DB Incline Bench Press 3 x 6-8 reps per side @ 3xx1 tempo

A.2 DB External Rotations 3 x 8-10 reps per side (elbow on top of the knee)

A.3 Band Pull Aparts (palms up) 3 x 10-12 reps

A.4 Odd Object Hold Lateral Shuffle 3 x 30-40 ft per side

Metcon (No Measure)

Partner Workout

16 mins of the following:

6 Ball Slams @ tough weight

8 Lateral Jumps over a PVC (20/15) *Can scale up to (24/20)

10/8 Cals on AB

*Alternating full rds