Coach Andrew is looking to see if anyone is interested in improving their running ability and overall endurance. If you are interested, you can shoot him an email at andrewnovalsky2@gmail.com or chat with him when you see him in the gym about it.

**Typo in original announcement email. Please resend your email to correct address above**

CrossFit 1Force – Crossfit

Back Squat (3)

A. Goblet Lateral Stepups 2-3 sets x 5 reps per side (20 in and moderate)

B.1 BS 4 x 3 reps *1st rep @ 55×1 tempo and next 2 reps no tempo *Working around 65-75%

B.2 Weighted Chinup up to a tough triple in 4 sets

Weighted Chinups (3)

*Supinated Grip

Metcon (Time)

For time

21/15/9 reps

WB (20/14)

9/7/5 reps

Strict Pullups

Odd Object Carry @ tough weight x 200m (if done outside) or 400 ft accumulate (if done inside)

15/12/9 reps

WB (20/14)

Pullups (Kipping) *Can scale up to Strict Chinups (9/7/5 reps)



*You will only do the Carry one time. You will do the 21/15/9 couplet, do the 200m carry, do the 15/12/9 couplet, and then that will be time.