We’d like to add one more team to the Consistency Project Summer Edition! We have 3 spots to fill. If you’re interested please let a coach know, first come first serve,deadline to sign up and provide entry fee is Sunday the 26th.

CrossFit 1Force – Crossfit

3 Position Hang PC (1)

High/Above/Below knee
A. DB Clean Pull + DB Hang PC (Pause @ Below knee for 2 secs) + DB Clean *pause @ knee for 2 secs

2 + 2 + 2 reps on the min for 5 mins (moderate)

B. 3 Position Hang PC (High/Above/ Below knee) on the min for 5 mins (moderate)

C. PC w/pause @ knee for 2 secs (not tng) x 2 reps on the min for 5 mins (slightly more than part B)

Power Clean (2 w/pause @ knee)

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

7 min amrap x 2 sets

24/20 Cals on AB

Amrap the remaining time:

4 PC (125-155/83-103 lb)

6 Single leg Alternating V-ups *3 per side

8 Prisoner Stepups (24/20) *4 per side

rest/walk 3 mins after the 1st amrap