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CrossFit 1Force – Crossfit

1-arm Deficit Suitcase DL

A.1 Rear Foot Elevated Goblet Single leg RDL 2 x 6-8 reps per side

A.2 Banded Rotational Press 2 x 12-15 reps per side

B. Every 3 mins x 4 sets

6 1-arm DB/KB Deficit Suitcase DL per side (4 in) @ tough weight

Rest 15 secs

1-arm Reverse Sled Drag x 50 ft per side @ tough weight

*Rest the remainder of the 3 mins and repeat for 4 total sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner Workout

16 mins of the following:

200 ft Shuttle Run (50 ft up and back x 2 times)

8 Double DB Renegade Rows @ tough weight (4 per side)

6 Rotational Ball Slams @ tough weight (3 per side)

*Alternating full rds


Finisher Work:

AB or Barbell Rollouts

2-3 sets x 10-15 rep