CrossFit 1Force – 1Force at Home

Back Squat (1-2)

30 mins of the following:

Back Squat @ 101010 tempo x 1-2 reps @ moderate weight

1-arm Rear Delt Bentover Raises x 5-7 reps per side

Crush Grip KB Curls x 6-8 reps (slow and controlled)

Seated Leg Lifts over an object x 10 reps (1 + 1 = 1 rep)

1-arm KB Front RacK Walk x 75 ft per side @ tough weight



*BS followed the TEMPO here. 10 secs down, 10 secs pause at the bottom, and 10 secs going back up. Lighter loads.

*Use 1-arm DB for the Rear Delt Bentover Raises.

*Squeeze the KB while doing your Crush Grip KB Curls.

*Try to limit your lean back on the Seated Leg Lifts.

*Lock the core in during your 1-arm KB Front Rack Walks.