In August of 2011, we opened the doors to CrossFit 1Force. For our first 30 days, everyone trained for FREE. We gave unlimited membership to anyone to wanted it for 30 days, no questions asked.

Except for one. The “question of the day” was an early tradition that helped our team get to know each other. Many days it was simply, “What has CrossFit done for you?” Eight years later, I remember the answers like it was yesterday.

“I haven’t ran since I was 12, and I made it around the building without stopping.”

“My uniform fits and I can fit in my cop car without squeezing for the first time in ten years.”

“I love being on a team again, I’d never train this hard by myself.”

“It’s been two weeks and I’ve lost 8 pounds.”

The answers had nothing to do with vanity, and that is why 1Force is such a beautiful place. Everyone is accepted and celebrated day one, not for what they look like or what they can do, but for how hard they work.

During the month of GIVING, the team at 1Force wants to help you find your answer. The first 30 people who email will receive the entire month of November for FREE. This is a $160 value. A coach will welcome you to your first class and scale your workouts so you can comfortably ease into your new routine. Class schedule can be found here.

Are we crazy for giving our product away for FREE? Not at all. It’s hard to get a feel for our community in one class, or even one week. Plus, we don’t want to tell you how great it is. We want to show you.

At our gym, there are no treadmills, mirrors or traditional weightlifting machines. We have loaded barbells to pick up, boxes to jump on and sandbags to move. All movements replicate the patterns most used in everyday life. Everyday is different, but one thing remains the same. Training at 1Force is ALWAYS FUN.

The experienced 1Force staff is committed to each member’s wellness goals, and the program includes nutritional and lifestyle support. Each workout is scaled to athlete’s individual ability. The elite athlete can be working out next to the mother-to-be or the absolute beginner. Classes are one hour, and most include a warm up, a strength portion and conditioning, followed with a dynamic stretch to complete the session. Each athlete is guided and coached every step of the way. No one is ever left behind.

All you need to give yourself is one hour a day, 3-4 times a week, and magic will happen. At CrossFit 1Force, former athletes feel as if they are finally back on a team, newer athletes of all levels feel accepted, and those looking for a new way of life finally find a place to call home. No one is ever glad they waited, so send that email TODAY!

Offer good for new members only.

Our classes can be scaled to athletes of all abilities.