Our Story

CrossFit 1Force is a community dedicated to a relentless pursuit of fitness.

Each class is one hour, no two days are the same and results are dramatic. Led by Head Coach Jesse Crespo and his wife Erin Kelly, 1Force is the premier CrossFit in Gloucester County where people train to live their best life.

Jesse Crespo has a gift. Everyday he programs one hour of perfectly balanced functional movement different from the day before. Crespo takes the guesswork out of your workout. He knows how to build athletes of all abilities. Follow his lead and you will find your strongest, fittest and happiest self.

Erin Kelly provides support. As a mother of four and hundreds more, it’s her mission to bring fitness to people who abandoned sport long ago while helping others stagnant in routine reach a new level of performance through CrossFit. Strength is a gift you give to yourself, and you will find it at 1Force.

Jesse and Erin met at a CrossFit gym in 2008 and opened 1Force just after Jesse’s second deployment as a firefighter in the United States Air Force in 2011. They designed 1Force to be an inclusive community for people of all athletic abilities. At 1Force, everybody plays.

The CrossFit training methodology combines functional movements in Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, running and rowing while constantly varying intensity and workload. Every class is led by passionate and knowledgeable coaches who are dedicated to your success. Your goals are theirs.