Pistol Work Week 1

Perform these super-sets 3 rounds total (A1+A2, B1+B2= 1 round) three times during week 1. (Demo video can be found on Facebook and IG)

A1 Dead Stop Step Ups- Starting with small box/stool/step.  One foot on box, one on ground, lean forward into top leg, and use TOP foot to step up.  To avoid using bottom leg, lift toes on bottom foot before stepping up and drive up through foot on the box.  Control each repetition x 10 on each side.  

A2 Split Squat- Split squat stance facing forward.  Legs as close as you can (based on comfort level).  90% or more of weight is in front foot (evenly distributed).  Bend back knee to “kiss” the ground.  Slow and controlled movement x 10 each leg.  More advanced would be to lift back leg or barely have your back toe touch so that you are only using 1 foot to balance and lunge.  Again, aiming to use front foot as much as possible for the movement.

B1 Single Leg Step Downs- One foot on box/stool/step, other “floating” off. Slowly descend to have your foot barely “kiss” the ground.  Do not use that floating leg to push or propel you back up.  Challenge yourself to find a height that is challenging yet doable.  10 reps each side. 

B2 Box Pistol- This will be preformed at a height at your ability.  If 2 inches is all you can sit, then 2 inches it is! If you are more comfortable going lower, try this on a low stool or box.  Lift one leg, sit back onto the object.  Come to a dead stop.  Using the planted foot, think ball to toe to help drive you up to a standing position.  10 reps each leg.  We will be going lower next week.