The movements are functional, safe and adaptable for all. Each class is one hour, no two days are the same and results are dramatic. You don’t have to be fit to start.



Boot Camp

This hour-long class is a crowd favorite at 1Force. The group works together for 30 minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off at six different stations. It’s hard-core interval training done with light weight designed to be fun and effective. The music is loud and the energy is high. It’s not just for the women—plenty of male athletes take boot camp to work on efficiency of movement that translates back to regular programming.


One hour of CrossFit training designed to increase your aerobic capacity. This class will improve your performance in longer metcons and running. Perfect for the athlete training for road races, triathlons or those who simply wish to be better in CrossFit.




A popular offering at 1Force, Strongman is for anyone looking to change up their strength workout. It’s an hour of absolute fun and anyone can do it. Athletes move odd objects like tires, concrete balls, sandbags and sleds. The objects aren’t always heavy, and the loads are scaled to people of all strength. Don’t let the name fool you. The class if pure fun for athletes of all sizes and strength levels.


We encourage all new members to take ten classes at our 3-2-1 hours when they begin at 1Force. There are 2 coaches assigned to these classes and one stay with the new athletes for extra support. Monday & Wednesday: 7:30pm, Tuesday: 6:30pm, Thursday: 5:30pm, Friday: 6pm, Saturday: 8 and 9am



1Team Training

More advanced and skill intensive, done on a flex schedule and ideal for experienced athletes who compete or aspire to do so. Come meet our team.

1-on-1 Force Training

Daily personalized programming designed by our Head Coach to battle each participant’s individual weaknesses and help them reach their personal goals in record time. Focused, intense and effective.



Personal Training

For people looking for 1-1 guidance through a whole session, our personal training is designed for people of all abilities to help them meet and beat their goals. Your hour long session will include mobility, strength and endurance and be specifically designed to reach your goals.

Sports Team Training

Looking for an amazing bonding experience that will get your youth team game ready? We train youth and high school teams of all ages and offer private classes and custom programming. Our sessions focus on speed, agility, explosion and efficient movement. All too often young athletes (even at high skill levels) have inefficient movement patterns and are lacking endurance. Preparation off the field is key to performance.



CrossFit Kids

Kids need to move. It keeps them healthy and makes them happy. We hide fitness in their fun. Our programming focuses on fitness, agility, mobility, speed and FUN! We will also celebrate team spirit and what it means to be a good teammate. Above all else, we will encourage a love of fitness in your children that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Speciality Classes

Boot Camp, Barbell Club, and Gymnastics are all included in our monthly membership. More options, more success.