Chris can help you make push ups less of a drag.

If you know him from the box, he’s Coach Chris. If you follow him on IG, he’s @beefandasideofmeat. If you have ever seen him workout, you know he feels absolutely no pain. (Or he does, and enjoys it, which might be even worse.)

Strong as an ox, super cool and beyond dedicated to 1Force, Coach Chris put his hand up when we asked for a Coach to lead Push Up Progressions. It’s one of those exercises that causes us to fatigue quickly and many shy away from with a scale or a sub.

Now is the PERFECT time to work on your push ups.
1- Your dog is the only one watching
2-You might have a little extra down time
3- Coach Chris has spelled it out for you

“All of these movements are things we are familiar with but tend to not pay attention to detail on,” said Chris. “Focus on the little things and you will see a BIG improvement.”

✅Stay tight in the plank position 
✅Have equal pressure through all points of your hands
✅Brace the core 
✅Lower hips and chest together
❌Sag Hips 
❌Flare elbows
❌Stick your butt up in the air
❌Do half reps
❌Roll shoulders forward 

Complete this push-up accessory work in 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Take your time and pay attention to the little things in each position.

“Let’s learn to use our entire body in the push-up and not just bend our arms thinking it’s getting the job done,” said Chris. “We are 1Force.”