CrossFit 1Force – 1Force at Home

Metcon (Time)

For time

40/30/20/10 reps

Prisoner Reverse Lunge Steps

1-arm DB Alternating PC

Hollow Hold DB/KB Floor Press

Plank Hold x 2 times in secs



*Hands behind the head for Prisoner Reverse Lunge Steps. Steps will be split evenly between each leg.

*Alternating Arms for the PC.

*Holding your DB/KB with both hands, hold a Hollow Hold position, and perform your Floor Press while holding the Hollow hold.

*Plank Hold will be like this 80,60,40,20 secs. Accumulate this time each set.

*If you like to do Barbell PC you can do (95/68).

Hollow Hold DB/KB Floor Press link: