Nine years ago, I invited a friend to #CrossFit Tribe. For no other reason but I wanted to share my love for intense movement with someone I loved. “That was awful,” Kto said after the first workout. “Why did you bring me here?”

But she came back.

Not only did my friend become great–but she went on to coach thousands of others to greatness. And she’s only just begun. As a passionate and knowledgeable strength and nutrition coach, Kto is a true creator of transformative change.

Now is your chance. September is Bring a Friend month. We invite you to invite a friend. FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. The first 50 members who email and copy their invitee are in! All BYOF participants will receive an Ambassador coach to help them 1:1 as they get to know 1Force. Also, there will be get-to-know-you sessions with Erin and Kto on September 8 and 15 from 9-10am to answer any questions about our amazing community.

It’s not just about about who you will bring. It’s what THEY will bring to themselves and others as a result of your invitation. One question can change a life, and one life can change the world.


Note: New members only. Those who have had a week-trial or former members are not eligible.