Find their Force this summer! We are looking athletes ages 11-14 to crush some fitness goals! If your child plays a sport like soccer, lacrosse, basketball or field hockey, you know fitness is just as important as skill. Your friends at CrossFit 1Force put together a comprehensive program that will include skills and drills to promote team building, agility, explosion, speed, flexibility and injury prevention. Most importantly, we will hide FUN in the FITNESS.


Only the best for your young athlete. Head Coach Jesse Crespo will be designing and coaching each workout. Jesse has over a decade of experience coaching and motivating young athletes and believes that it’s what you do off the field that makes all the difference. Trust that fit beats skill at the end of a long game. Jesse’s staff will step in to support.


The workouts will be SAFE and designed for the young athlete. We will teach them the basics of weightlifting and the importance of purposeful fundmental movement. Each hour will begin with extensive stretching and warm up. The hour will also include strength training, agility drills, plyometrics, metabolic conditioning and more. Our new facility has all the fitness toys the young athletes need to learn and grow!


This will be a age-specific class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-12pm. While it’s ok to miss classes for family vacation, the athletes who attend regularly will see the best results. We promise a strong return on your investment. Coach Crespo will provide the framework for the athletes to get out what they put in! The program begins July 8 and concludes August 16.


The program is $250. (There’s a $50 discount for the second sibiling.) Program must be purchased in full by July 7. We are unable to discount or refund for classes missed. We will cap each class at 20 athletes.


Children learn what they live. All parents of athletes who attend the program will receive July membership FOR FREE at CrossFit 1Force. This includes unlimited classes and is a $160 value.

Please reach out to to reserve your spot today! If you have any questions or would like an advance tour of our facility, we’d be happy to meet you anytime!