Why? It’s a question we often ask Crespo. More often than not, he answers with a giggle. Today, he speaks.

“We are obviously doing a lot more body weight movements with dumbbells or kettlebells,” said Jesse. “I wanted everyone to get a feel for where they are today, and see the progress they can make, even without the box or the barbell.”

The greatest piece of equipment you have in your quest of fitness is your body. Sure, we enjoy the toys at the box too, but when it comes down to it, you are the only thing you need to be better than yesterday.

If you didn’t hit the Pandemic Tester on Saturday, we encourage you to hit it during the week. We will hit it again when we return to the box, and together, we will celebrate our gains.

25 min amrap
2 rds
30 DB/KB Hang PS (15 per arm) (Reset after each DB Snatch. NO HAND OVER HAND SWITCHING)
15 Reverse Burpees
2 rds
40 Goblet DB/KB Reverse Lunge Steps
20/15 Hand Release Pushups
2 rds
50 Air Squats
25 Burpees
Amrap 1-arm DB/KB PC (alternating arms every rep)
*If you access to a barbell, you can do PC (115/83 lb)