Crossfit Tuesday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitShoulder PressA. Press up to a tough set of 5 reps in 10 mins B. Uneven OH Carry (1 KB/DB OH/1 KB/DB in the farmers position) x 75 ft per side x 2-3 setsMetcon (Time)3 rds 25 KB Swings (53/35) *can scale up to (70/53) 500m row 25 Hollow Rocks...

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Metcon Monday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitMetcon (5 Rounds for reps)5 min amrap x 4 sets 1 Round of "Chief" 3 PC (135/95) *can scale up to (155/105) 6 Pushups 9 Air Squats 12 Lateral Jumps over the Barbell (1+1=2 reps) Rest 2:30 secs after each...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossFit EnduranceMetcon30 Minute AMRAP w/ Partner 25 Power Cleans 50 sit ups (legs straight) 75 air squats 100 cal row 75 air squats 50 sit ups (legs straight) 25 deadlifts 200 double...

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Crossfit Saturday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitBench PressA.1 Bench Press 3 x 6-8 reps rest 1 min A.2 Double KB/DB Sumo Stance Bentover Rows 3 x 8-10 reps per side rest 1 min A.3 Side Plank Reach Throughs 3 x 12-15 reps per side rest 1 minKB/DB Sumo Stance Bentover RowsMetcon (AMRAP -...

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Crossfit Friday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitPower CleanA. Power Clean up to a quick single in 8 minsMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)8 min amrap PC @ 85% of heavy single *Put weight used in the comments. Rest 3 minsMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)10 min amrap 8 DB Up/downs @ tough weight 12...

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Crossfit Thursday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitBack SquatA.1 BS up to a heavy double in 4 attempts A.2 Weighted Pullups up to a heavy triple in 4 attemptsWeighted Pull-upsMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)Partner Workout 16 mins of: 6 Pullups (can scale up to C2B or MU x 3 reps) 9/6 Cals on...

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