1Team Saturday

CrossFit 1Force - 1Team TrainingDeadlift (2)A. DL 2 x 3 reps @ 70%, 2 x 2 reps @ 80%Bench Press (10)B. Bench Press 3 x 10 reps1-arm Half Kneeling Landmine Press (10 per side *standing)C.1 1-arm Standing Landmine Press 3 x 10 per side C.2 1-arm KB Rows 3 x 12 per side1...

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Partner Saturday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitClose Grip Bench Press (3-5)12 EMOM Min 1- Close Grip Bench Press x 3-5 reps *Build by feel Min 2- Amrap Strict Chinups Min 3- Banded Pull Aparts x 12-15 repsMetcon (Calories)Partner Workout 9 min amrap Max Cal Row *while Partner holds the...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitHigh Hang Power Snatch (2)*aka Power PositionPrimer Work: Jan Challenge: For time 30 Burpees + 1-arm DB Muscle Snatch 2 x 6 per side *Moderate Farmers Hold *Shoulders down and back x 1 min accumulate + A. High Hang PS 2 reps on the min for 4...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitBack Squat (1)Primer Work: 6 EMOM Odd mins- Goblet Crossover Stepups x 5 per side Even mins- Goblet Bottom of Squat Hold x 20 secs *stay active in the hole and barefoot + A. BS @ 6xx1 tempo 3 x 3 reps every 2 mins *nothing over 70% and...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitFarmer's Carry (150 ft)15 mins of: (Just flow through) Heavy Farmers Walk x 150 ft 1-arm Lateral Sled Drag x 50 ft per side Stone/Sandbag Hold x 30 secs Bird Dogs x 6 reps per side *Slow repsMetcon (No Measure)15 EMOM Min 1- Abmat Situps x 15...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitPush Press (3)A. Pause PP 3 x 3 reps *Nothing over 70% B. Pause PJ 3 x 3 reps *Nothing over 75% *Hold dip and catch for 2 secs each rep! C. Pause SJ 3 x 2 reps *Nothing over 80% *Hold dip and Split for 2 secs before recovery!Push Jerk...

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