Metcon Monday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)20 mins of the following: 15/12 Cals on Rower or AB 10 Up n over Box Jumps (24/20) 5 DB Devil Press (50/35) Rest 90 secs after each round. *Accumulate as many rounds and reps in 20 mins. + Finisher Work: Seated...

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CrossFit 1Force - CrossFit EnduranceMetcon (Time)5 ROUNDS FOR TIME: -12 Hang Clean lunge thruster complex (115/95) -24 wall balls -400M run 35 min time cap Hang clean lunge thruster complex= hang power clean, reverse lunge right, reverse lunge left, thruster is one...

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Crossfit Saturday

CrossFit 1Force - Crossfit3 Position pause Back squat*pause @ 1/4 squat, below parallel, back up @ 1/4 squat.A.1 3 Position Pause BS x 3 reps x 3 sets (pause for 2 secs at ¼, 2 secs at below parallel, and for 2 secs back at ¼ squat) (moderate) A.2 1-arm DB Rows while...

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Crossfit Friday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitDeadliftA. DL 1.1.1 x 4 sets rest 12 secs betw singles and then rest 2 mins B. 1-arm Deficit KB/DB Suitcase DL (stand on 45 lb plate) x 6-8 reps per side x 2-3 sets *You can use farmers handles as well.Metcon (No Measure)Partner Workout 18...

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Crossfit Thursday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitBench PressA.1 Bench Press @ 5xx1 tempo 4 x 5 reps (STRICT TEMPO) rest 1 min A.2 Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls 4 x 100 ft (moderate and alternate every 50 ft with a partner until each set is done)Hand over Hand Sled Pulls50-100 ft w/rope and...

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Crossfit Wednesday

CrossFit 1Force - CrossfitPush PressA. PP up to a heavy single in 10-12 mins B. Half Kneeling Filly Press x 8-10 reps per side x 2-3 sets *hold one KB in the Front Rack, one DB used for the press.Filly Press*Half Kneeling, Standing, Seated etc.Metcon (No Measure)15...

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